11 Funny Bike Jerseys for Women

Biking is a great low-impact, exciting activity that gets you out in nature, your blood pumping, and your heart racing! Why not dawn some comfortable biking apparel that is sure to make you smile while doing it?

Below are 11 great biking jerseys for women that are sure to make biking all the more fun!

1.) Paladin Cycling Jersey for Women Short Sleeve Frog Pattern Bike Shirt

1This funny looking tree frog peeking out from behind the full front zipper, which is in place for allowing great ventilation on this breathable polyester jersey, is just the gem you need to humor yourself while you bike. Along with three back pockets for carrying your necessities, the back of this UPF 30+ shirt showcases another tree frog clutching to a green earth. And by biking, you are certainly making the earth a greener place!

2.) Paladin Cycling Jersey for Women Short Sleeve Carnival Pattern Bike Shirt

2Mustaches, lips, glasses, super hero masks; this breathable polyester jersey says it all! You can wear this fun UPF 3o+ protected jersey while taking to the hills with all of your essentials stored in one of the back rear pockets. You will also appreciate the durable, full frontal zipper that allows for great aeration on your venture.

3.) Paladin Cycling Jersey for Women Short Sleeve Buck Teeth Rabbit Pattern Bike Shirt

3Honestly, who can wear a UPF 30+ sun protected biking jersey with a giant rabbit that has buck teeth and take themselves seriously? You will not be able to help yourself; you are bound to have fun in this hilarious breathable polyester jersey, as will everyone around you! Its full zipper located in the front and back pockets will outfit you with all the ventilation needed to stay cool on your ride, as well as essential storage for all of your provisions.

4.) Brainstorm Gear 2015 Women’s M&Ms Blue Cycling Jersey – MMBL-W

4M&Ms are a well-loved staple in most people’s homes. And no M&M is cooler than the blue M&M. Wear this great jersey with its AIRpass-Pro moisture wicking technology as you chuckle at the hilarity of a chocolate candy being “cool.” You will love the silicone gripped bottom hem in the back to keep the jersey from riding up, as well as the rear pockets that are included for storing your necessities. This shirt is ready to rocket through the trails and keep you protected from the sun with its UPF 30+.

5.) Brainstorm Gear 2015 Women’s Cookie Monster Cycling Jersey – SSCM-W

5“Ride bike. Eat cookies.” Sounds like a great biking slogan! This great bike jersey with AIRpass-Pro moisture wicking technology and UV protection is bound to elicit a few chuckles with the colossal cookie monster emblazoned on the front and the “Ride bike. Eat cookies.” slogan written all over the short sleeves. Not only is it an amusing jersey to wear, but with its silicone gripped bottom to prevent it from riding up, and its full zipper for terrific ventilation while riding, as well as its rear pockets for holding your most imperative objects, it is an absolutely practical shirt too.

6.) MIRACLE Breathable Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Bike Shirt Bicycle Top for Woman

6This quick-dry, breathable polyester top is fashioned with a Christmas Santa Claus in front and a kickboxing kangaroo coming out of the back pockets. You and passersby will be scratching your heads and laughing at this silly bike jersey as you wear it through the trails. The inner liner is deodorant and antibacterial treated to keep you extra dry and fresh smelling.

7.) Brainstorm Gear 2015 Women’s M&Ms Green Cycling Jersey – MMGR-W

7Everyone knows Green M&M. She’s coy and wily and able to make everyone stop and look her way. This comfortable jersey has AIRpass-Pro moisture wicking technology to keep you nice and dry and is well-ventilated with a full length zipper in front. It is sure to make you smile while you gain speed on your bike, envisioning a little chocolate candy wooing the masses with her color and poise. With its UV protection and silicone back hem grip to prevent your jersey from sliding up, as well as its rear pockets for your biking necessities, you just may finish your ride feeling just as classy and poised as Green M&M.

8.) Paladin Women’s 3D The Pony Design Cycling Jersey

8What do you  mean horses do not wear hats with big cheesy grins? On this sun protected UPF 30+ bike jersey they most certainly do! Take to the road wearing this breathable polyester shirt that will keep you feeling fresh and dry as it wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you aerated with its full frontal zipper.

9.) Don’t Run Me Over 3.0 Cycling Jersey

9Nothing says it like it is quite like this moisture-wicking, breathable bike jersey that says “Don’t Run Me Over” on the back and “Thanks” in mirror-view on the front. Whether you are wearing this shirt in the summer, or layered in the winter, you are sure to catch the eye of all passersby who might both chuckle and take alert. With its three rear pockets you will have plenty of room for your essentials, and its silicone bottom grip will keep the jersey in place as you cycle through traffic and on trails.

10.) AL-1134 LAOYOU Women’s Cycling Jersey Mountain Bike Sports Short Sleeve Jersey Bicycle Cycle Shirt Wear Comfortable Breathable Shirts Tops

10This fun polyester cycling jersey has a giant cartoon cat on the front and is littered with small cartoon cats on the back. The sides say “Meow.” With three back pockets for holding all of your necessities, as well as a full zipper for complete ventilation, you will be set wearing this fun jersey as you race to the finish line.

11.) Brainstorm Gear 2015 Women’s Nestle Nerds Cycling Jersey – NVX-W

11Wearing a UV protected purple jersey with huge Nerds candies on front says you are not only fun and confident, but you also have great taste in both candy and apparel. As you race through the paths in this jersey with AIRpass-Pro moisture wicking technology, you sure to be noticed. The three rear pockets will hold all of your provisions and the front zipper will allow for great ventilation. You will not be able to keep yourself from smiling every time you wear this jersey cycling!

There you have it, 11 funny bike jerseys for women. These 11 jerseys are sure to bring a smile to others face.