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We, at Newt’s, love Lib Tech and Gnu, both made by Mervin Manufacturing. Why do we love Lib Tech, Gnu and Mervin? Let’s count just a couple of the ways. First, they are innovative. Mervin/Lib Tech/Gnu were the first to bring us magnatraction and the skate banana (reverse camber). Second, we love Lib Tech/ Gnu/Mervin for manufacturing snowboards north of Seattle and south of Canada. These guys are keeping the jobs stateside and we salute them for that. Third, they pushed the entire industry forward by using biodiesel to power their green factory. They also use trees grown on farms (Altered Genetics) expressly for the purpose of manufacturing their renewable clean cores. Their top sheets are made from soy beans and the glues they use are their own secret formula that doesn’t harm their American workers’ brains and lungs. Lovin’ that!

Most of all, though, and really, what’s it all about? Lib Tech and Gnu snowboards are fun to ride.

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